Working @WSB

By on 28 February 2013, in Blog, Development

Lately, I’ve been pretty busy networking, coding and fabric’ing.

I’m currently working at WSB on the Blookup webapp. It’s built on a full Python/Django/Celery stack, currently lead by the talented @strycore, which I’m proud to work with.

Previously I’ve hacked another Django webapp (can you believe it is, at first sight?) for two weeks, integrating Haystack, Solr and helping on search engine UX and back-office development.

All the WSB team-mates were nice and helpful. The work is hard (how couldn’t it be? It’s Real-Life™), but hacking on Django is not that bad for a job ;-)

Overall it has been a gorgeous experience.

Mission start/end: February 4th to April 12th 2013.