About 911-work and simplicity

By on 15 January 2013, in Blog

My skills page is setup. barely. Did I mention that I don’t make any webdesigns ? ;-) It could be a lot fancier, I know. But content is here, mostly.

You will find a little more in my resume, though. Notably some words about startup accompaniment, which is a thing I enjoy a lot. Setting up things to work as a team, teaching rookies, pair-programming, solving problems, fast-prototyping with clean code (can this be real, Henry?)…

In my professional life, people had always called on me when they couldn’t find any solution to their problem. They searched, they tried… And failed. This happens to all of us. Thomas Parisot has analyzed this particular attribute and called me a solutionneur (in french in the discussion), a resolver in plain english. Though it’s obviously reductive, I like the term. But there is no magic at all: I just come with a brand new point of view, without any biased context information. Thus, my result and ideas will be forcibly different. And simple, because built from scratch.

In other sides of work where human factor matters, I’m a kind of catalyst: I will help you (or your customers) give birth to your ideas, and formalize them. I will do a great job in reformulating ideas between different-worlds people to make them understand each other more efficiently (faster and clearer).

This has nothing to do with web development, BTW. This is just an aptitude that I developed (and enjoy!) over time: it helps going a lot faster in work, where things should be kept simple. I will help keeping them simple. Be it code, or human interactions. How do you tell about this in a resume?