1flow is warming up

10 May 2013

A quick update about my current work on the 1flow project.

Porting to Python 3 is not the same as coding for Python 3

19 April 2013

The main difference beiing if you want to retain Python 2.x compatibily or not. Real life examples included.

Working on Licorn®

16 April 2013

A small summary of Licorn® 2.0 related research and concepts. Ah yeah : and ASCII still sucks.

Duply memento

14 April 2013

A summary of the way I use duply to make backups and restore lost data. LXC customizations included.

Serving a Pelican blog via nginx

11 April 2013

Disclaimer: this is awfully simple, Pelican is by-design a nature-friendly static blog generator; we just need to serve a handful of files. Don’t expect a long read, but some hints.

Setting up a custom home page with Pelican

10 April 2013

If you already have Pelican 3.2, this article is history. But it could still give you some hints if your blog is multi-lingual.

Working @WSB

28 February 2013

Lately, I’ve been pretty busy networking, coding and fabric’ing. I’m currently working at WSB on the Blookup webapp. It’s built on a full Python/Django/Celery stack,

Agile software development my own way, part 2/3

19 January 2013

This is the second part of my own agile development methodology (you should have part 1/3 fresh in your mind before reading this one). Actually, it’s more

Agile software development my own way, part 1/3

17 January 2013

Having worked a lot on Python/Django projects, some involving OpenERP, I once wrote an essai about agile software project management/development and work-time estimation and tracking, for

My long-term project: Licorn®

16 January 2013

There is currently no reference nor project on my website. This could frighten some visitors. Though you can find a bit in my resume, I