eXtreme Programming sumup

By on 14 January 2013, in Blog, Development, Method

Sometimes I need to re-read something to be sure I’m totally pervaded by it. Keeping them handy on this blog seems a good idea.

Fundamental XP values

  • communication
  • feedback
  • simplicity
  • courage

Development practices

  • code with simplicity
  • always refactor
  • use standards
  • adopt common vocabulary with customer
  • use test-driven-developments (TDD)
  • enjoy pair-programming
  • use collective code property
  • run continuous integration
  • add a customer in the dev. team
  • play the planning game
  • release often
  • work reasonably (avoid overburning)

My 2 cents

All of this seems so much “ common-sense ” or “ good-sense ” that I feel all these words are already overused. Perhaps I’ve just been trying to do all of these to make my work better. Still, there are 2 points on which I can improve, speaking of Licorn® and My Licorn : TDD and continuous integration (FR).