Back on WordPress [again??]

By on 17 May 2014, in Blog

Yes. After multiples switches from WP to Pelican to WP to Pelican, I’m back on WP. Guess this platform has still some good things to offer. My needs evolve with time, and so my tools.

There are 2 major problems I constantly hit with Pelican

  • the lack of professional-looking themes. Sure, there are some floating around on Github, but they are very basic. As I don’t have any time to set on webdesign, and as I’m not a real web designer, I’m much more comfortable with getting an already designed WP theme, and going on writing content.
  • the full reload of the output/ directory while working with FTP. Pelican always sync the whole arborescence, and it’s just awfully long when I just want to push a single page or a simple correction.

Drawbacks of WP

  • a now bloated interface. Any theme adds more and more “things” other than articles, new feature duplicating the already present that just confuses the user. I can perfectly live with that, but I feel that globaly simplicity goes down. WP 3.9 tries to address some usability issues, though. It’s obvious developers want to lower the growing bloatiness.
  • a dynamic engine, not needed for a static website. Sure, comments are cool, but not that useful. Burning CPUs with a PHP engine is a shame. I need to setup a varnish cache on top of my WP.

Random points

  • writing in Markdown in my text editor, potentially offline, is quite cool. But in fact I can do it with WP, as I do it with Pelican. I can prepare my posts offline, or just publish a quick note online. On this point, WP offers more.