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Adiou Michaël

18 March 2015

Si Michaël était là, je sais ce qu’il me dirait : « Olive, arrête ton pathos ». Mais mon gars s’il y a bien un jour où

J’aurais aimé aller à…

23 June 2014

Une liste des évènements auxquels j’aurai aimé aller, mais où je n’ai pas pu ou ne pourrai pas aller. Le temps est un vrai luxe,

Au forum des usages coopératifs

23 June 2014

Je serai au début du mois prochain à Brest pour ce forum, avec le collectif Unisson. Il me tarde de ré-échanger et continuer la construction

Working @WSB

28 February 2013

Lately, I’ve been pretty busy networking, coding and fabric’ing. I’m currently working at WSB on the Blookup webapp. It’s built on a full Python/Django/Celery stack,

Agile software development my own way, part 2/3

19 January 2013

This is the second part of my own agile development methodology (you should have part 1/3 fresh in your mind before reading this one). Actually, it’s more

Agile software development my own way, part 1/3

17 January 2013

Having worked a lot on Python/Django projects, some involving OpenERP, I once wrote an essai about agile software project management/development and work-time estimation and tracking, for

My long-term project: Licorn®

16 January 2013

There is currently no reference nor project on my website. This could frighten some visitors. Though you can find a bit in my resume, I

About 911-work and simplicity

15 January 2013

They search, they try… And fail. This happens to all of us. But some of us can help others. Thomas Parisot has analyzed this particular attribute and called me a solutionneur (in french in the discussion).

eXtreme Programming sumup

14 January 2013

Sometimes I need to re-read something to be sure I’m totally pervaded by it. Keeping them handy on this blog seems a good idea. Fundamental

New professional website

13 January 2013

It’s been times since I wanted to go freelance. Now it’s real.