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Principles of a human-trusted machines distributed network

5 February 2014

How I think we can create a strong network based on human trust, allowing machines to exchange, replicate and validate important information.

Sustainable crowdfunding

5 February 2014

I wrote this article on Read it there. It’s about crowdfunding, and making it sustainable for software developers, obviously. I wrote this article on

Financement participatif durable

5 February 2014

J’ai récemment écrit un article en anglais sur le financement participatif durable (en anglais, sustainable crowdfunding). Actuellement tous les sites de financement participatif que je

About privacy

4 February 2014

My 2 cents on privacy. Vast subject. Abolish it or not? Build your own opinion.

Les feature-branches, une fausse fausse-bonne-idée

11 January 2014

Quelques pistes de réponses à une question soulevée dans l’équipe de développement d’une entreprise dans laquelle j’ai travaillé.

Pip and git on the edge

20 June 2013

Pip installs fail when you use a tag from a Git repository, on OSX, with Homebrew. BOOM.

Back from SudWeb 2013

19 May 2013

In a few words, it’s been an awesome moment! “Longue vie à SudWeb !” Kudos to the Thym (NDT: pronounced “team” in french), they did a

1flow is warming up

10 May 2013

A quick update about my current work on the 1flow project.

Porting to Python 3 is not the same as coding for Python 3

19 April 2013

The main difference beiing if you want to retain Python 2.x compatibily or not. Real life examples included.

Working on Licorn®

16 April 2013

A small summary of Licorn® 2.0 related research and concepts. Ah yeah : and ASCII still sucks.