Olivier Cortès

Hi, my name is Olivier Cortès. I’m the founder and lead developer of 1flow (full source code).

Previously I have lead the development of Licorn® (a sysadmin/server toolsuite) from 2007 to end of 2012.

I also had a noticeable implication in hardware design of low-power/high-efficiency machines and networks.

I’m an [h]activist in sustainable crowdfunding, building commons and libre software ramifications in various social movements. I also support the relative theory of money [in french] to setup a human-(re)based economy.

My current hobbyist projects are Sparks (a deployment tool) and python-ftr (a web content extractor tool), and I’m regularly involved in other libre software or open source projects.

You can fund me on GitTip to back my independence and freedom of speech.

You might be interested in my skills and aptitudes to help you grow your large-scale webapp, or simply for software/IT/hardware/licenses consulting.

You can download my resume and get in touch with me via Twitter.

Or read the blog. Or just enjoy life.